Designed for Seamen, seafarers, Ship-owners, Managers

Designed for Crew members, seafarer, Ship-owners, Managers
Onboard! Ashore! Temporary, between 2 jobs, other job, training…
New build project or refit…

WYCC allows to:
  • Acquire and maintain a real social protection subscribed by an Employer or individually!
  • Crew benefits could be negotiated with the salary if you have subscribed to this type of product individually.
  • a coverage whatever the events and professional situation (unemployment period) 
  • to be a recognized professional and the possibility to negotiate salary with an employer contribution for social coverage

Designed for Ship-owners!

WYCC allows to:
  • To attract and reward qualified crew members (Crew benefits)
  • To manage the social aspect for Seaferes with a budget predetermined (salary %)
  • Coverage or premiums adapted to wishes (Free Employer/employees contributions)
  • Law percentage compared to a state social security system
  • To be compliant with the applicable law (MLC 2006)

Designed for Managers! (Payroll, Recruitment, Manning Angency...)

WYCC allows to:

  • Provide more value and professionalism in crew management, offering an access to a social protection trough private scheme in addition to management for state social security system regarding nationalities
  • To be compliant with the applicable law (MLC 2006)

WYCC Benefits are widely acclaimed by the profession and are available trough our correspondents all aroud the World!