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Necessary Health & Accident guarantees adapted to the specific seamen’s needs with no access to a social security system or with an insufficient social security.

Provide an adapted support in case of partial/total incapacity of work due to an accident or an illness, or in case of death.

Based on seamen’s life periods : professional situation (with or without job), fiscal residence, nationality… Flexibility of contributions or withdrawals, various investment profiles…

The Wycc Platform, an innovative online system which manage crewlist, turnover and benefits.

Find adapted benefits to the crew members needs

Crew Insurance & Private social protection for seaferers


WYCC is designed for duly authorized navy professionals: masters, seafarers, crew placement, crew members, managers, shipowners, and insurers in order to respond to the needs and requirement of all.


Our credo challenges us to put the best plans in our products to serve the needs and wellbeing of crew members while making sure that we provide the right services and plans for them.


I’ve been working in the maritime industry for several years, and I have never seen an insurance as good as WYCC. My team and I are no longer worried about what is coming next.Captain Nicolas J.

We found a real technical support in terms of employee benefit solutions with tailor made plans and various level of employer/employee contributions for our seafarers and shore based personnel.HR/Crew manager Svetlana X

Thank you to the WYCC team for your professionalism in emergency situation 24/7. The assistance was very helpful for repatriation after an accident during stopover in French Polynesia.Master Jim C.





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