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Our healthcare Plan is fully portable within area of cover, in addition of freedom to choose from a wide range of our international medical network and full benefit up to 100% of charges.

The crew members are covered during their duty shifts or out of the job. If there is an accident or an illness, the MLA insurance covers 100% of charges in case of hospitalization, and up to 100% of charges for in/out-treatments.


For crew members, guests, shore-based personnel due to illness or accidents


In/Out patient treatments

Dental expenses

Includiçng dental prothesis

Vision care

Optical devices and contact lenses

Family benefits

Extreme sports

Winter sports, scuba diving, water sports

Alternative care

Acupuncture, osteopathe…

Nursing, X-RAYS, ECGs...

… and medical examination (blood/urine test…)

Maternity and infertility


We afford the travel expenses for repatriation

In case of an emergency medical evacuation, we take care of the transportation to the nearest hospital. The insurance member can select a hospital worldwide. We give the opportunity to use one of our International medical network. The plan also covers you in case of an injury or illness during on/off duty; on-leave period.