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Saving at an early time with the assistance, and availability of unique products we offer specifically for your retirement. The best option you can take to go with your retirement to a whole new level.

WYCC Marine Retirement Plan is an offshore contract subscribed with Generali Worldwide by WCA (Worldwide Crew Association a.s.b.l) for their members. The contract is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, with insurance company supervised under the Insurance Business (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2002.

Take full advantage of our retirement plan with the flexibility of our product based on seamen’s life periods: Professional situation, fiscal residence, nationality,withdrawals, and various investment profile. Our clients have the possibility to select different options for their retirement plans with a flexibility that suits people with their situation life.

Flexibility of contributions: The employers and employees can contribute regularly and are able to change the amount of contribution and period depends on their current financial situation. The contributions payments could be annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. In addition, our clients can make additional payments at any time during the contractual period (Charter premium, employer premium).


...adapted to the needs

At the retirement age

Lump sum
Life annuity
Life annuity guaranteed for a defined period
Life annuity with survivor benefits

Before the retirement age

If a Participant becomes totally and permanently disabled or in case of death
If a Participant has another activity


Tax Engineering

Succession and inheritance consulting: solutions for secure and tax-optimized succession planning in private limited companies and corporations, taking into account all variations of international inheritance, beneficence and other transfer regulations.

Assets structuring

Luxembourg Consulting Groups offer consulting on the establishment of legal entities, as well as the transfer of any type of assets to these entities – with the objective of separating personal from structural assets (necessary in the context of succession planning, creditor protection, mobility / flexibility and discretion).

Real Estate investments

Preparing estate succession and transfer, organizing and monitoring estate management; restructuring and optimizing shareholdings; relocating an estate or a company; organizing financial flows and income (dividends, profits, interests, royalties etc.)

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