Private social protection for seamen

WYCC Accident et Maladie

All seamen can be covered by WYCC whatever their nationality, fiscal residence, professional situation (with or without job).
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  • To manage the social aspect for Seamen who do not have access to a social security system
  • To attract and reward qualified crew members (Crew Benefits)
  • To be compliant with the future applicable law (MLC 2006)

WYCC Accident et Maladie

Necessary Accident & Health guarantees adapted to the specific seamen’s needs without access to a social security system. Discover WYCC Accident & Health

WYCC Pension Finance

Marine Retirement Plan based on Seamen’s Life periods: professional situation (with or without job), fiscal residence, nationality... Flexibility of contributions or withdrawals, various investment profiles… Discover WYCC Marine Retirement Plan

WYCC Produits et Services Financiers

Financial Products & Services trough our Network in Luxembourg regarding Seamen’s profile: Tax & Estate planning, Luxemburg Bank Accounts, Life Insurance… Discover WYCC Financial products & services

Designed for Seamen

Crew Members: Onboard! Ashore! Seasonal, without job, other job, refit... or new vessel project…

Private social coverage: Medical expenses, Accidental Death & Disability, Salary compensation (Total Temporary Disability after accident or illness)…
+ more...

Our Network

WYCC products are available trough a professional worldwide network (Marine Insurance brokers)
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Assistance available 24/24, 7/7:
Please use the phone number on your emergency card

For all claims and pre-admission:
You or your Manager received a Welcome Package by EMail or post with all forms for reimbursement, pre-admissionand contact details


ICS SA, WYCC department
41 avenue de la gare
L-1611 Luxembourg
Tel : +352 27 44 54 - Fax : +352 45 75 54
Email :


French Riviera Correspondent
Guillaume GRUNBERG
Port Vauban
06600 Antibes
Tel : +33 (0) 6 22 43 01 27 - Fax : +352 45 75 54
Email :

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