Insurance That’s MLC & French Law Compliant!

Insurance That’s MLC & French Law Compliant!

You may well be aware that since the 1st January 2018 all seafarers resident in France have been obliged to affiliate either to ENIM, or to the social security programme of a State with a reciprocal agreement with France, or to a private insurance scheme « at least equivalent » to ENIM.

ENIM clarification

ENIM has now published a clarification regarding the definition of “equivalent social security cover.” This is, in their words, “private insurance that covers the totality of areas mentioned in Article L111-1:

  • medical costs for the seafarer and dependents
  • compensation for lost income in case of illness or accident, workplace or otherwise
  • compensation in case of total permanent disability
  • pension contributions including payment to dependents following death, and family contributions to provide for children »

With this clarification, ENIM corroborates the compliance of WYCC Insurance with French Law. The WYCC team is proud to thus be able to contribute to the safeguarding of jobs that until now have been under threat.

WYCC Insurance has striven since 2005 to be able to offer seafarers private insurance policies which are not only equivalent to those proposed by the State but also more suitable for their needs.

For seafarers unaffected by changes in French law, WYCC Insurance has the record of being compliant with MLC for ten years.

To protect all crew, whatever their nationality or flag, WYCC Insurance remains the best option for private cover at the most competitive price! It’s plain sailing with WYCC Insurance!

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