Medical expenses are not enough…

Medical expenses are not enough…

In addition to the medical expenses, your health plan allows you to have access to various benefits such a guarantee for assistance and repatriation. Now WYCC Insurance does even better by offering a new assistance option!

PERFECT+ Assistance Option

WYCC Assistance offers you services and information support in case of emergency for repatriation emergency to the nearest hospital, in your country of domicile after an accident or illness or even death. Accommodation, travel and other aids for you and your family.
With the STANDARD-PERFECT formula of WYCC Insurance you have access to a wide range of assistance guarantees all over the world. With the PERFECT+ option, medical evacuation from the ship to the coast is upgraded up to 75 000!
One of your loved ones wishes to come and visit you because you are hospitalized or ill? We take care of the transport costs up to 7 500!
In the case of a tragic and unpredictable event, it is necessary to take the lead with repatriation insurance when you work in a foreign country. Our assistance formula will allow to face the unexpected expenses in this situation.
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